Illustrations by Shira | Artist and Educator

Illustrations by Shira | Artist and Educator

Shira Greenspan

Illustrations by Shira offers a creative way to draw from tradition and bring ideas to life
mosaic men-holding-menora nodeh maror azarya circle kiddush karpas egyptians simanay haseder vehee right halachma magid halleluja haray-anu chus-vechanenu veheeshamda questions screams pesach eer-hakodesh velo-nevosh haaretz-hatova baruch-ata girls-dance shabbat-candles ata-Hashem

About the Artist

Shira Greenspan is an award-winning educator and an accomplished artist, imbuing a unique flare of creativity in all her professional endeavors. She is blessed to live in Israel within the ancient borders of the tribe of Benjamin with her wonderful family.


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